Friday, May 27, 2011

Gasoline Prices Are Not Too High

Yes, gas prices are at there highest level in the last 40 years or whatever ridiculous stat you'd like to throw at me.  Also, money spent on gas is daily growing into a larger percentage of our income.  Despite all of this, it's still not too high.

How can I tell?  How many people do you know that have stopped driving their vehicle?  How many people do you know who still drive pick-up trucks and SUV's?

Every morning on my way to work I'm stuck in traffic.  If gas is too expensive why are all these people still driving?  Maybe they're only driving because they have to go to work.  This still doesn't account for all the other times of day I'm stuck in traffic because there are too many people just driving around.  Not only are the driving, but they are driving HUGE vehicles.  Why are you driving a pick-up to your job at McDonald's?  Do they routinely ask you to haul things away from work?  What about that SUV with only you and your kid in it?

People only drive as long as derive utility from it.  When it actually becomes so expensive to drive a car that people start walking around, or maybe there's an influx of people on public transportation that will be the point that driving is too costly. 

Until that point, I'm pretty much tired of hearing about it.  Do you think gas prices are too high? Prove it to me by getting off the road and out my way.

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