Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Under the advice of someone who I am beginning to believe is wise beyond what many seem to think, I decided make this first blog post.
His advice was to write a list of ten things you love about your wife. I don't have a wife so I have decided to write the list on why I love my mother. Based upon the date of this writing, it seems more than appropriate. 

1.  As a child, I always thought my mother was far to harsh with us.  As an adult, I can't help but appreciate every time she scolded me for doing something wrong. I feel that if more parents raised their children with more attention to discipline we wouldn't have nearly so many of these out of control children.
As a side note, if I'm paying $200+ for a nice meal for my mother, I do not want to hear your two year old screaming because you don't want to hold him.  Please don't pawn him off on some 18 year old child to take care of inside the restaurant.  Leave that monster at home.

2.  To this day my mother protects me from things she finds to be a threat. At 26 years old I don't know how necessary that is, but it's still appreciated.  It amazes me how these children get snatched up out the streets.  Where was your mother? Why was she not protecting you from the dangers of the world?

3.  My mother tried to spoil us as much as she could.  When I was very young my father made so much money we literally had every material thing we could have wanted.  After the divorce, we were knocked way below the poverty line.  Despite this, every chance my mother got she would buy us everything she could afford.

4.  She was always selfless.  Every dollar she had went to providing for us, and any extra money she could scrounge up was put towards giving my brother and I all the extra things we didn't need but wanted anyway.

5.  I love her sense of humor.  She's always making jokes about everything.  Somehow we find the exact same things funny.  It's really quite amazing.

6.  She keeps an almost constant optimistic outlook on things.  If not, she makes you feel like it's going to be okay.  Even if she knows it's not going to be. 

7.  The woman has seemingly unlimited patience.  I know for a fact I can be the most frustrating person on the face of this planet.  Honestly, I aggravate myself some days.  It's incredible that she deals with my constant procrastination and self-centeredness all the time. 

8.  She is constantly moving forward.  I have never a person who works more often or harder then she does.  I can't imagine putting in the amount of time she does.

9.  I take advantage of it much more often than I should, but I know she's always available if I need her.  Not just for me either.  She's always the first one offering a helping hand to just about anyone.  I have quite a few friends who can attest to that.  I'm not going to share personal stories of other people, but I know for a fact that there's people who have called her in the middle of the night because of a real, or percieved, crisis.  I include myself in that group, and I'm glad she's been there when I needed her.

10.  I love that she never makes me feel like a failure.  No matter how many times I screw up.  No matter how many times I don't call when I should.  Regardless of the myriad of times I've let her down.  I drop out of college, and all she does is encourage me to go back. I say I'll do something and don't.

For all these reason, I love my mom.
I don't know what I would do without her.

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